Writing, like most creative outlets of mine, has been sporadic over the years. I dedicated thousands of pages of bad writing to SF between 1968 and 1975, including three novels - none of it published (and perhaps all of it unpublishable), although I did come close once with a short story called "After Fifty Years of Service", about Skylab, which got me a nice hand-written rejection from Ben Bova when he was editor of Analog, encouraging me to submit more.

I changed genres in 1979-84 to work on what I'd hoped would be a cross-genre work before cross-genre works were a thing. The bad taste left in my mouth from working on that lasted with me until 2007, when I rewrote that book again. That rekindled my fiction interests. Since then I've had a bit more success with writing fiction.

My first published works (outside of technical writing, and that piece I wrote for the Gr. 8 yearbook about the trip 30 or so of us took to Expo 67 in Montreal) appeared when I was a contributing editor for Cross-Canada Writer's Quarterly, between 1981 and 1984. Articles there included:

Write What You Know
Characters - Just Who Do You Think They Are
When the Book Comes Back

(Several of my cartoons also appeared in CCWQ.)

As editor of the Carleton University Student Journal of Philosophy between 1982 and 1984, some of my papers appeared there including:

The Fallacy of Comparative Mythology
Nietzsche and the Myth of Eternal Recurrence

My article, Building the Bell Atlantic Tariff Management System appeared in the May 2000 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal.

My paper, Regulatory Pubilshing with XML: A Case Study, was presented in November, 2000 at the Asia Pacific XML Conference in Sydney, Australia, and appeared in the conference proceedings.

I was an editor, and also did the layout, typesetting and cover art for the book Sacred Heart Parish: Building and Working Together 1891-2009.

I did many, many publications as a technical writer, and contributed to product documentation for aircraft (DHC-5 Buffalo, DHC-7 Dash 7), telecommunications (MITEL PABX systems including SX-200 Digitial, SX-2000SG, SX-2000S, SX-2000VS), and software (custom modules for Open Text's Livelink, applications built on Interleaf's RDM and Interleaf 5, and of course production documentation for Metaformix's XMLComposer and MetaForms).

Published fiction includes:

Burnt Sugar, Crannog Magazine, October 2008
Keeping Silent, Transition Magazine, October 2009
If Ever I Should Leave You, Morpheus Tales #12, April 2011
Ye Merry Gentlemen, Morpheus Tales Christmas Horror Special, November 2011
History of Early Music, Hobo Pancakes, August 2011
Trajectory (novel), Anarchy Books, September 2012
Killing Wallace Crawton, Morpheus Tales #19, January 2013
When Mamma Comes to Visit, Grim Corps Magazine, February 2013
The Opium Eater, Grim Corps Magazine #2 (October 2013)
Thin, "We Walk Invisible" (anthology), Chupa Cabra House Publishing (November 2013)
Cakes and Ale, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (May 2015)
Trajectory (2nd Edition), Liquid Metal Press, 2016
The Midnight Sun, The Stars At My Door (Anthology) - April Moon Books, 2017